“One of my greatest joys has been making something special, commemorating a person or creature, birth or wedding. Designing according to whim or purpose.”

D Todd Art Tiles are all molded, glazed, stained and painted by hand. Unique variations in color, texture, size, painting, etc. are characteristic to the beauty of this handmade product. These variations combine for a look that is subtle, yet dramatic.

Made to order … We will work with you to create your concept. Use our standard motifs, adapting them for color and design, or come up with something entirely new.

Buying Instructions
“I am offering our special, custom-made Commemorative Tiles to SHOP CREATIVE MAINE subscribers. You provide the information: budget, name(s), color, motif, etc. I do a sketch and we go from there. Please contact me through dtoddandco.com.”

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  • Deborah Todd in the Studio

  • From the Bride + Groom

    Starting at $85.00 for 8 x 8 inch Tiles
  • Commemoratives

    Starting at $85.00 for 8 x 8 inch Tiles
  • Announcements

    Starting at $85.00 for 8 x 8 inch Tiles
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