As the editor of CREATIVE MAINE, I spend most days interviewing artists, artisans and designers ... Learning about their lives, their creative processes, their joys and passions.

Readers take the time to write very specific notes about the stories they like and the connections to their own lives. I've also learned that ...

Our readers love discovering new art and new products they might never have know were out there.

So ...

 Together with readers in mind and the Maine arts community, we created SHOP CREATIVE MAINE.

SHOP CM gives you a place to form and foster personal relationships with all those featured on the site. … The excitement of discovery and collaboration where the joy of shopping benefits all who are involved, every day.

As their gift to you, all of the artists, artisans and shops are offering SHOP CREATIVE MAINE Members a meaningful discount on every item featured on their Shop Pages.

As our gift to the hope that creativity fosters, 50% of all SHOP CREATIVE MAINE Membership fees will be donated each calendar year to help us bring the tools of creative magic to others throughout Maine!

Enjoy this unique experience.

Remember: Creativity has power. It has voice.
Join us to support the creativity that thrives in Maine and give it as a gift to someone special ... It has magic. The ripple effect will make a difference!

Thank you from all of us!
Nancy Gordon
Editor in Chief


Giving Back + Taking Part

From All Participating Artists, Artisans and Shops:
As their gift to SHOP CREATIVE MAINE Members, they are offering you a special 15% discount on every item featured on their Shop Page.

50% of all SHOP CREATIVE MAINE Membership fees are donated, at the end of every calendar year, to help us bring creative magic to others throughout Maine!

We donate creative tools like art supplies, musical instruments, etc. Tools that people can use to create.

And there’s an extra big thank you for SHOP CM Members, but that’s a surprise.

From You:
Your support for the CREATIVE MAINE Shop Program, by becoming a SHOP CREATIVE MAINE Member, for $30 a year makes it all possible.

Join now!

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Browse to your heart's content until you find something you love. Then ...
Subscribe to the CREATIVE MAINE SHOP and receive your Shop Code to take full advantage of your exclusive 15% discount available on every purchase of our quality selectionsall the time for a full year!

Membership Price:
The CREATIVE MAINE 2021 special subscription price is $30 per year. Buy one for someone special, too. It's the perfect gift!

Your subscription comes with:
1. The Shop Code for your 15% exclusive discount, available on every purchase of our selections, for the full yearly run of your subscription.

2. A special surprise Thank You from those who receive a donation at the end of every year.

To buy and/or ask questions about any item:
Click on any item of interest on a Shop Page or use the MORE button and you will be redirected to that artists'/business’ website where you can contact the seller and where all sales, shipping, returns, etc. take place. With the exception of your purchase of CREATIVE MAINE subscriptions, no other sales transactions go through the SHOP CREATIVE MAINE site.

Navigating the Site:

Home Page
Click on a category of goods and you’ll be taken to a page displaying artist/business options in that category.

Category Page
Click on an artist/business and you’ll be taken to that seller’s Shop Page.

Shop Pages
Get to know the artist, artisan or business and browse the full array of items they are offering you at your CREATIVE MAINE 15% discount.

'Buying Instructions' are noted on every Shop Page
Buying Instructions will also include special instructions, like ‘In-Store Only’ or ‘Full-Site’ or ‘Contact by Email.’

'In Store Only' + 'Curbside' Shopping
If Buying Instructions on a Shop Page note 'In Store Only' and/or 'Curbside,' please show whomever checks you out your CREATIVE MAINE Shop Card for your chosen item.

Any questions, confusions, concerns or applause?
We'd love to hear from you, so please contact us.